Embedded braid walkthrough – photos and how to make

There is several different version of braids, some more simple and easy to do, or more elaborate. One of the models that do very successful is the braid, and its variations as the recessed side braid.

This hairstyle is very versatile and can be supported in a daily basis, or on a number of occasions like parties, on the beach, work, etc. Embedded Braid may have a more wholesome, or more stripped to shreds fuses. Because it is easy to do is an excellent option for those days that you do here n’t have time, and the hair is not cooperating.10 EFFECTIVE TIPS TO BECOME A RUNNER P1


How to make the braid embedded
1 separates a lock near the fringe of the top of the head.
2 – divide – the three;
3 – trance the fuse in the following way: take a portion of the left center, then the portion of the right to the center, again the portion of right in the center, finally, the left again;
4 – hold the lock on the right and add a portion of the hair is loose at her side, take it to the center. Do the same thing with the lock to the left;
5 now repeating this process by feeding the braid with the rest of the hair, gradually;
6 when it is more loose tufts, finish the braid normally and present the tip with an elastic band;
7 – if you want to loosen the buds with the fingers to let a look more stripped.

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