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Top 8 Healthy Foods for Hair

Hair loss has become a traumatizing issue for most of the people now-a-days. After the age of 40 or 45, changes in hair volume are inevitable; however with proper diet and healthy lifestyle it can be checked to a certain degree. The primary cause for hair loss is believed to be excessive stress, secondly iron deficiency and thirdly hormonal changes due to menopause.oysters

Instead being panicked you can control this by eating some “hair friendly” foods that are also needed for overall good health as vigorous hair is counter related to a healthy body. Hence to have a healthy, voluminous and lustrous hair, go the natural way by choosing the right foods from the list given below –
1. Salmon

Salmon is unbeatable while discussing on foods that pack a beautiful punch. It is regarded as a high quality protein source and omega3 fatty acid of salmon will assist you to support your scalps health. For vegetarians salmon can be changed to 2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds.

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2. Green Vegetables

For the secretion of oily substance, the sebum, your body requires vitamin A and C. Hence you have to increase intake of green veggies to your diet like broccoli, spinach and Swiss chard as they are highly enriched with vitamin A and C. The sebum will work as natural conditioner for your hair.
3. Beans

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Inspire of providing protein to your hair, legumes like kidney beans and lentils consist of ample iron, biotin and zinc, essential for your hair growth. As per recommendation of Dawn Jackson Blanter you should incorporate three cups of beans to your diet every week.
4. Nuts

One of nature’s best sources of selenium is Brazil nuts which according to some studies are an essential mineral for hair scalp. Walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts should be on your healthy hair menu to defeat zinc deficiency in your diet that can shed your hair.
5. Poultry Products

Inadequate protein can result in brittle hair as well as loss of hair color. Instead of having feathers, poultry foods like chicken, turkey consists of high protein to nurture your hair.
6. Eggs

Eggs can be seen as one of the pillar to your healthy hair diet. Inevitably you have to intake egg either in shredded form or poached or boiled.
7. Oysters

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As an aphrodisiac, oysters can make your hair bouncy and beneficial due to its antioxidant feature. For vegetarian pumpkin seeds and chickpeas will be preferable in this regard.
8. Whole Grains

Inclusion of wholegrain cereal to your breakfast can be beneficial for your hair as it contains high doses of zinc, vitamin B and iron.

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