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Popular foods for healthy gums and teeth

Teeth and gums generally don’t get as care that is much they deserve. We often ignore them forgetting that they are crucial towards the physical body as every other organ. It’s good that people follow oral hygiene on a basis that is regular is that maybe not sufficient? Undoubtedly not, because oral care is simply one aspect to our dental health.

Brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are indeed necessary to maintain wellness that is dental but they truly are not sufficient. You must know that there may be other ways that your health that is dental can impacted. Not eating foods that are right perhaps one of major reasons of dental troubles we generally face in our life.

Our teeth and gums require regular nourishing and care to stay stronger and energetic. They too need nutrients to sustain and grow in the manner that is same other body parts do. Foods play a role that is major helping us maintain our dental health.

Foods have a huge role to play in our dental health, including

  • Foods give nourishment to our teeth and gums
  • They enrich the body with minerals, vitamins and elements needed to maintain dental health
  • The production of saliva in the mouth is influenced by them
  • Harmful particles, bacteria and plaque are washed away by food items
  • Your teeth and gums get strength, durability and disease-free existence with right foods

Like any other body part, your teeth and gums need nutrients to be healthy and disease-free. If not supplied regularly, then the lack of these nutrients can cause the dental health to deteriorate leading to a variety of diseases and tooth decay.

Here are some of key nutrients needed for dental health

  • Foods rich in calcium and phosphorous are important to enrich the body with key minerals to keep the teeth healthy and strong
  • Hard, crunchy foods containing water help in saliva production in mouth and also help in scrubbing and cleaning teeth surfaces
  • Foods rich in vitamin are needed in the body as they help absorb calcium better and keep the teeth stronger
  • Foods rich in vitamin C are recommended by dentists to keep gums diseases or periodontal diseases at bay
  • Foods rich in antioxidants are also helpful for keeping your away from gum diseases by fighting off bacteria
  • Foods containing probiotics are good as they promote healthy gums by reducing the plaque

Popular foods for healthy teeth and gums

You should eat only helpful foods for your tooth and gums. They are easily available and you can eat them regularly to maintain your dental health.

Here are some of popular foods for your dental health


Cheese is rich in calcium and increases saliva production in mouth. They help keep the teeth healthy by keeping bacteria away.


Milk is enriched with key elements and minerals including calcium. It keeps the acid level low in the moth and is considered good in fighting tooth decay.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are good for teeth and gums alike since they a rich source of key minerals and vitamins.


You should eat fish regularly and keep the teeth healthy. After all, fishes are rich in minerals and key vitamins, including vitamin D.


Meat helps your teeth in the same way as fishes do. They are a rich source of key nutrients and minerals which are beneficial for your dental health.


A teeth-friendly diet should have nuts, especially almonds, to keep the risks of bacteria away and save oneself from tooth decay.


You should eat oranges without worrying about the amount of citrus as not it is least of citric but also packs in all minerals fruits supposed to have.


Eating yogurt on a regular basis means enriching the body with the virtues of calcium and probiotics and keeping yourself away from the risks of cavities, gum disease and bad breath.


Carrots contain some of key vitamins and minerals which are very helpful for keeping the teeth healthy and strong.


Eating apples means your diet is enriched with key nutrients and vitamins that are very helpful for maintaining dental health.


The powerful strong anti-microbial properties of garlic helps you keep away from the risks of periodontal diseases.


You should eat ginger on a regular basis to keep the breath fresh and restrict the growth of bacteria to achieve dental health.

Whole grains

Enrich your diet with whole grains to lower the risk of gum diseases and maintain your oral health.


The powerful antibacterial properties of onions are perfect for your dental health you away through the microbial risks that usually lead to cavities and gum disease because they keep.

In general, your smile and gums are valuable and they deserve care and nutrition of the standard that is highest to be healthier and disease-free.

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