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Leaky Gut Syndrome – Symptoms and Remedies

Leaky gut syndrome is a term that is commonly used for a condition called Hyperpermeable Intestines. In layman’s terms, that would imply that the liner that is abdominal more porous which allows toxins, microbes, undigested food particles can escape from it and progress to your bloodstream. Consequently, your system that is immune detects invaders and attacks them, which exhibit through different signs. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why this condition does occur, exactly what are the symptoms and how to combat it.

What causes a leaky gut syndrome?

There are various reasons for the gut that is leaky, but the main ones are definitely meals, toxins and various infections. It has been established that gluten and other inflammatory food like milk products are the usual culprits in regards to food. Also, it is very normal for Candida overgrowth or parasites which are intestinal cause infections which finally cause this condition. Finally, stress is undoubtedly one of the significant factors as well, and it has demonstrated an ability that the number of patients affected has increased because we live in a society that is highly competitive implies that we’re constantly exposed to stress.

Let’s take a look at common symptoms

There are various signs which can help you identify whether you suffer from this syndrome, but keep in mind that even if you have some of them, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re affected, but that you should schedule a check-up. Let’s take a look now at the most common symptoms.

Food intolerances

One of the most often encountered symptoms is food sensitivity because this condition makes our bodies mass produce of antibodies which make our body more susceptible to antigens in food, especially dairy products, and gluten.


Due to the leaky gut syndrome, our body can lack various vital nutrients and other substances like vitamin B12, so it’s very important that affected persons supplement their diets with vitamins.

Inflammatory skin conditions

Acne and psoriasis are skin conditions which are very often caused by the intestinal hyperpermeability. So, if you have acne, for example, make sure to check your guts as well, since if you suffer from this syndrome, all the creams and drugs usually prescribed by dermatologists won’t help you.

Mood issues

The leaky gut syndrome can lead to various neurocognitive disorders as well. For example, depression is a common symptom since leaky guts trigger the release of proinflammatory cytokines, which are chemicals that cause depression.

Some other symptoms also include: autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, autism, chronic fatigue, seasonal allergies, etc.

How to heal the leaky gut syndrome?

Healing the leaky gut requires time, but if you follow these simple steps, we guarantee that the healing process will be successful.

Remove harmful foods and replace them with healing ones

The first thing that you should do is to remove all the harmful foods from your diet. For example, you should definitely eliminate starches, sugars, grains, conventional meat, dairy and GMO foods. Once you have removed all the irritating foods, you should start incorporating the healthy ones such as bone broth which can help heal the damaged cell walls, fermented vegetables which contain organic acids that help balance intestinal pH and probiotics, raw cultured dairy and all coconut products which contain probiotics and are easy to digest.

Use specific supplements

So that you can support the human body digest and thus eliminate meals and have your intestines cleansed, try using products that can aid within the digestion process. Probiotics by Udo’s Choice can help you detoxify your system and regain balance. Furthermore, probiotics are very important since they can help replenish good bacteria while at the time that is same rid of harmful germs. In addition, you should augment with digestive enzymes, which will prevent food that is partially digested harming your gut walls and getting into your bloodstream. Finally, another extremely effective supplement that is anti inflammatory glutamine powder which is crucial if you want to repair your intestinal wall.

That you can monitor and discover in a timely manner to be able to start the recovery process when possible as you care bright to see, the leaky gut syndrome has different symptoms. It’s equally important to follow most of the steps of the process, so we guarantee you’ll be healthy once more in virtually no time.

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