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Health-Conscious Women and Their Opinions on Healthcare

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in observance, Scarborough has published a study on women and healthcare by analyzing Health-Conscious Women’s healthcare statistics. Defined by Scarborough as American adult women who agree that they go to the doctor regularly for checkups, generally feel they eat right and follow a regular exercise routine, Health-Conscious Women make up 16 percent of the U.S. adult population and 32 percent of the adult female population.Womens-Health-e1350661519998

In addition to having proactive opinions on healthcare, Health-Conscious Women work towards eat nutritious, sustainable food and engage in fitness activities. They are 46 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to agree completely that they just try to buy foods that are grown or produced locally, in the region where they live. The top grocery stores shopped at in the past seven days by households with Health-Conscious Women in them are Walmart Supercenter (39% of these women shop there), Costco (14%), Sam’s Club (14%), Kroger (12%) and Target/SuperTarget (8%). Health-Conscious Women are also 54 percent more likely to have done Yoga or Pilates in the past 12 months, nearly one-quarter (21%) have gone jogging or running in the same time frame, and they are 20 percent more likely to belong to a health club.

The Health-Conscious Women are also deal-seekers. Through their online habits do not stray from the national average in most areas, coupling is an exception. Health-Conscious Women are 24 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to have used the internet in past 30 days to find coupons and 20 percent more likely to have searched on daily deal websites in the same time frame; 18 percent of Health-Conscious Women visited Groupon in the past 30 days and 8 percent visited LivingSocial in the same time frame. They are also 47 percent more likely to get purchased health and beauty items online in the past 12 months.

The Health-Conscious Women are 57 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to be part of the Silent Generation*. Thirteen percent of Health-Conscious Women belong to Generation Y, 12 percent belong to Generation X and 38 percent are Baby Boomers. The Health-Conscious Women may exist within every generation, but nearly one-quarter (21%) are age 70 or older. Additionally, 12 percent identify as black and 14 percent as Hispanic.

*Scarborough defines different American generations as Generation Y (age 18-29), Generation X (30-44), Baby Boomers (45-64) and the Silent Generation (65+).

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2012-Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights Data

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