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Chris Donohue is the Chief Financial Officer for The Advantage Companies and Epic Click, LLC. He received his Bachelor of Arts in accounting from Simpson College and is a Certified Public Accounting. He spent 8 years in public accounting and has been in private accounting the past 11 years holding various positions for privately held and publicly held companies.

Chris played baseball at Simpson College and was named team captain his senior year. He also was named to the All Iowa Conference team, All Region team, and All American team. He also won various awards within the Simpson College baseball program.

Chris currently resides in Marion, Iowa with his wife Melanie, children Blake, Brady, Alexandra, and dogs Bella and Rosie. He has been coaching baseball and basketball the past 10 years for all of his children. In his free time he enjoys jogging and going to Iowa Hawkeye football games.

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What Makes a Student Athlete?

Recreation and Sports • Published: July 1, 2014

Being a good student athlete is something many people can pull off and some can even make it look easy. But it does require a lot of discipline to both academics and athletics. Here are some tips on how to be a good student athlete while (hopefully) enjoying both your schoolwork and your sport.

Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Recreation and Sports: Tennis • Published: June 26, 2014

Tennis is a highly popular sport around the world, and surprisingly the gender of the players isn’t really a deal-breaker when it comes to the watch-ability of the sport. Both men and women enjoy levels of fame and financial success in the sport, and history has shown that through the years both men and women have equal chances of winning against each other, making for a fairly level playing field when it comes to a mixed-gender match.

History of Tennis

Recreation and Sports: Tennis • Published: June 26, 2014

Tennis is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages around the world with varying degrees of athleticism. Some people enjoy leisurely hitting the ball back and forth over the net, while some people earn their living playing professional tennis. No matter what area or century the original game was founded, it appears all agree that the original game of tennis was played without rackets, but using a ball struck with the palm of a bare hand, much like modern-day handball.

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball

Recreation and Sports: Volleyball • Published: June 26, 2014

Volleyball is a sport beloved by many and can easily be played year-round. However, if you have the chance to hit the court outdoors when the weather’s good, why wouldn’t you try to get in some fresh air and sunshine while you play the game you love? There are differences between indoor and outdoor (sometimes called “sand”) volleyball. These differences are not enough to be real game-changers, but there are some things to be aware of depending on your volleyball environment.

Drugs in Baseball

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: May 15, 2014

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have been around as long as competitive sports. History shows that since the early 1900s, Olympic athletes have been mixing their own concoctions that they believed would enhance their athletic performance. A near-lethal mixture of brandy and strychnine was used by an Olympic marathon runner in 1904.

Choosing A Baseball Glove

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: March 31, 2014

Choosing a baseball glove can be a daunting task. The glove must not only fit well, but also be functional for the position it is going to be used for. Before purchasing a glove, the player must know what position they will be playing, as different gloves are suited to different positions.

How Baseballs Are Made

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: March 28, 2014

Sitting in the stands, enjoying America’s pastime gives many people great enjoyment. And when you’re watching a baseball game there is no greater sound than the crack of the bat hitting the ball straight on. And the sound that is produced is a wonderful combination of bat against ball working perfectly together.

How Fantasy Baseball Works

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: March 26, 2014

Fantasy baseball allows rabid and even casual baseball fans an even more intense way to enjoy the baseball season. It’s a way for you and your friends to follow the players and the statistics and be more invested in each and every game.

What Exactly Is March Madness?

Recreation and Sports: Basketball • Published: March 14, 2014

Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, odds are you have heard the term, “March Madness.” Each year beginning in the month of March, for four weeks the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) holds Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments to determine the national champions of college basketball, and these tournaments are nicknamed, “March Madness.”

Introduction to Smart Training

Recreation and Sports • Published: March 12, 2014

The goal of strength and conditioning (S&C) program is to increase your performance in life and in sport. To achieve this, the athlete needs to remain injury free during training time. I know everyone has seen some sketchy positions and movement patterns in S&C programs at all levels and even with great programs individual efforts can undermine the best programs. Here is how to stay healthy and get stronger and faster, then excel at your sport.

Proper Baseball Bats For Youth

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: March 12, 2014

Baseball bats come in a variety of sizes, materials and weights. As your baseball player grows in age and size it’s important to change their bat to optimize their batting successes. In order for a child to be comfortable hitting the ball they must be comfortable with their bat. One bat will not work for an entire baseball team; it’s actually a very personal piece of sporting equipment.

Signs of Spring: Baseball Spring Training

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: March 3, 2014

Professional baseball unofficially begins with the annual spring training camps. The regular baseball season doesn’t officially begin until Opening Day, which typically occurs the first week of April, however before that iconic day there is usually six weeks of training that help determine how the official baseball season will go.

New Opportunity for Young Baseball Players

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: February 28, 2014

Organized youth baseball leagues in the Cedar Rapids area have been around for decades; however there has never really been a place where multiple baseball games and practices can be held on multiple diamonds all in one centralized area. Luckily for our community, there is a project in the works for a 17-field complex that is expected to be completed in 2016 that will host baseball players, families and fans alike in one convenient location.

What You Need to Know About Batting Cages

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: February 26, 2014

When baseball players of all ages want to work on their craft, many of them turn to batting cages. Batting cages are a great way for players to work on their hitting, and they don’t even need another person to help them when used in combination with a pitching machine.

Building A Pitchers Mound

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: January 29, 2014

Whether you’re a budding baseball pitcher, or have a teenage dream of turning pro, building a pitcher’s mound in your backyard offers hours of easy access to help hone your skills. Many times, youth leagues don’t require pitchers to throw from a mound, but as they grow older, kids will have to learn how to pitch from a regulation-height mound.

Improving Your Pitching Speed

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: January 22, 2014

Part of being a successful baseball pitcher is having a small variety of superior pitches in your arsenal and knowing when to use which pitch. Another part knows when to change up pitching speeds and hitting spots, and yet another component is simple velocity.

Different Baseball Pitches

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: January 8, 2014

In the sport of baseball, there is so much more to pitching than just throwing a ball to the batter. A lot of behind-the-scenes planning and practicing their craft must happen for a pitcher to become effective. In addition to learning and perfecting many different types of pitches, a pitcher must also work with the rest of his team to stop bases from being stolen and just be generally aware of where the other team’s base runners are at all times.

Chances of Becoming a Professional Athlete

Recreation and Sports • Published: January 8, 2014

So you’ve got a talented athlete in the family and you’re banking on them becoming a rich and famous professional athlete. This is a wonderful dream to have, and congratulations on your extremely talented child! However for most people, as in 99% of people, this really is just a dream.

Overenthusiastic Sports Parents

Recreation and Sports • Published: January 8, 2014

When your child is involved in an activity, of course you want to support them to do their best. The problem with some parents, though, is they can cross the line between supporting their children and embarrassing them with the wrong kind of support.

Levels of Baseball Play

Recreation and Sports: Baseball • Published: December 23, 2013

Kids participate in sports for a variety of reasons. Every kid is different, and every kid has different skill levels.

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