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Body Care Tips For Women : Stay Beautiful

A respectable body care is an integral part of the physical and mental health of the body. It maintains the skin you are in glowing and beautiful, and also boosts self-confidence about one’s looks. Body Care Tips for Women can keep skin problems at bay throughout the life.1293683230_body-care-tips-women

Caring for the skin of the body is just as important as caring for your face and your looks. Skin is the most vital part of the body as it covers and safeguards your entire body. So, for having a healthy body, it is a prerequisite that you have a nourishing skin. The four most integral part of your skin care routine is, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and protection of the skin. Here are a few body care tips for women with a healthy body skin:

Cleanse your body skin regularly with a body wash or mild soap suited for your skin. If you are under a very dry skin, go for a cleanser with moisturizing agent. Never use harsh chemicals and products that don’t list the ingredients. If possible, use natural products without fragrances. Upton, an Indian remedy for body care from the Vedic times, is one of the best body cleansers. Utilize ground coriander, ground cumin, ground fenugreek, ground liquorice and chickpea flour to make the Ubtan. For those who have oily skin, mix yoghurt or lemon juice with water. For women with dry skin, milk or cream can be utilized instead. People with normal skin can use just rose water. Apply all over the body before bathing and wash off with cold water after half an hour.

Moisturizing is a most important part of body care tips for women. Preferably moisturize your body after having a bath as the skin is still damp and the skin will soak in the moisture. You can also use essential oils to massage your body before having a bath as it will not only moisturize the body, but also will nourish the skin.

Avoid using baby oil or petroleum jelly as moisturizers. They are likely of clogging the pores.

Exfoliate your entire body once in a while to remove the dead skin cells and renewing the skin. Oily skin may require an exfoliation once every two days whereas for dry and sensitive skin. It may be just once a week. Oatmeal and sugar are excellent natural scrubs for the body.

The most important of body care tips for women is however protection, as, without protection of the skin is going to face all the hazards again. Protect your body skin from the UV rays of the sun along with the face. Rub an ice cube after coming back to the exposed parts of the body.

Learn Different Therapies To Pamper Your Body And Bring Out Your Inner Beauty:

Alpha Therapy: In the alpha therapy, light and sound waves are used to relieve the body of the stress. It also contributes to increasing the concentration level of the body.

Intense Moisturizing Treatment: In the moisturizing treatment, the body is deeply cleansed and exfoliated. After that a message is given and the body is intensely moisturized using marine sediment.

Mud Wrap: Mud wrap are an excellent treatment to the body. It is particularly beneficial for the people who suffer from arthritis and muscular ache.

Seaweed Wrap: in a seaweed wrap, seaweed paste is applied on the body along with essential oils. This helps in relaxing and energizing the body cells. This in turn nourishes the tissues and eliminates toxins from the cells leaving your body rejuvenated.

Steam bath: a steam bath diffused with essential oil vapors opens the pores of the cells. The skin is moisturized and the body is invigorated as a result.

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