Benefits of Weight Lifting

Some of us simply underestimate the importance of weight lifting. Especially women underestimate the benefits of weight lifting. Here just several benefits:

-Weight lifting decreases your blood pressure thus making the risk of heart diseases lower.

-Weight lifting develop toned muscles in women.

-Weight lifting gives you more energy.

-Weight lifting raises your metabolism.

-Weight lifting reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

-Weight lifting improves posture.

-Weight lifting elevates mood.

-Weight lifting improves coordination.

These are few benefits of weight lifting. All the benefits of weight lifting simply could not be mentioned on one page. But believe me weight lifting is the key to a healthier life and weight loss. Weight lifting and exercises can be considered the basics of a man’s health life. Most of people who doing exercises and lifting weights are slim and have no excess body fat.

When people just hear the words “Weight Lifting” they are scared with the fact they should lift 20 kilos weights. But this is not so scary. Weights should be chose according to your gender, body mass and age. Women of all ages may lift 2-3 kilos weights. Young men can lift 5-8 kilos weights. Aged men should be careful and choose 2-5 kilos weights. This will be enough for you to start being a healthy person.

Good Luck!

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