8 Exercises To Lose Weight Easily

Losing weight can be a quite tiring and difficult to do. Taking out time to go to the gym seems almost next to impossible. So here are some exercises you can do at home without any machine. They are easy to do and don’t require a lot of time, plus are very effective for helping lose weight. These exercises are recommended to be done in sets, either of 2 or 4. Try and take 15 seconds gap between two exercises.

Here are 8 exercises to lose weight easily:

  1. Jumping Jack1

In this exercise you have to stand in an erect position, then jump and spread your legs and simultaneously take your hands from the side to the top of your head. The second step has to be done in a quick movement and then quickly come back to the first position. Do this for 45 seconds before moving on to the next one.

  1. Mountain Climbers2

For this exercise first lie down on your stomach, then lift yourself up with only your palms and toes touching the ground. Your palms should be shoulder length apart. Next try and touch your knees to the side of your elbow, or arm. Do this exercise 30 times with each leg.

  1. Burpees3

For this exercise stand in a straight position, then crouch down and your toes and palms should be the only thing touching the ground. For the third position, get in the position of a push-up. Then return to the crouching position and then stand up again with a jump. While jumping make sure your hands are in the air, straight above your head and legs are almost joined.

  1. Bicycle crunches4

Lie down on your back in a straight position. Next put both your hands below your head and bring your legs towards the body such that your hips and body make 90 degrees, then fold your knees such that you make another 90 degrees angle. This is the first position, for the second position bring your right knee towards your left elbow. Then back to the first position, and then do this with the other leg and elbow. Hold still for 5 seconds when doing the second and third position. Do this exercise 15 times with each leg.

  1. Plank5

For this exercise lie on your stomach, and then try to get up and for support use your arms and toes only. The legs should be straight and your body support and weight should be on your arms, that is, till your elbow. Make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders, meaning that the distance between your shoulders and your wrists should be equal. Do this for as much time as possible and every time you do it try and aim to continue doing it for a longer time than the previous one.

  1. Fast Squats6

For this exercise stand with your legs apart and hands behind your head. Then go down in the same position and then come up. Do these 30 times and try to maintain your balance. Go down and come up slowly, don’t make any sudden movement, it may lead to cramps.

  1. Butt kicks7

For this exercise stand with your legs a bit apart and keeps your hands in a fist. Keep them lifted up as shown in the picture. Next take one of your leg and try to touch your butt with it. Then do this with your other leg. Do this 15 times with each leg in quick succession.

  1. Pushups8

Lie down facing downwards and then lift your body in way that the only body parts touching the ground are your toes and palm. Keep your palms directly below your shoulders. Then try and go down, bending only your arms keeping the whole body straight. Then come up and try and keep your arms absolutely straight. DO this 15 times.

This exercises mentioned above affect different body fat in the body and when combined help in reducing weight all over the body. In the beginning you can start with a small number of sets. But gradually you should increase the numbers according to how well your body is able to take. Always try and push yourself one step further as then only will it be beneficial. Be patient with the results, every good thing takes time to happen. Happy exercising everyone!!!

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