5 Eating Habits Female Indulges That Worsen Their Shape And Skin

Women may be a household or working, usually skip breakfast or eat bad food in morning that leaves nothing as energy but lots of bad fat and high sugar level in the body. This affects female much at a higher rate than males, because female usually/mostly perform seating job in an office or remain at home, which reduces metabolic rate in female as compare to male as they perform labor job most of their time, hence risk of fat accumulation become less than females have.

Ladies keeping your figure in shape, flawless skin and a better lifestyle, then make some changes and avoid following habits:

  1. No Breakfast At All

Don’t know why we make our life so rigid that we don’ time for us to eat first meal of a day. Though breakfast is prepared for the kids and husband, but then to we prefer not to take this ignorance for breakfast lead to poor digestion and accumulate fat around the belly. Why? Because when we remain empty stomach and directly jump for lunch, our body asks for more food, as a result weak immunity and causes long term poor health.

  1. Juicing Your Body

Though juices are always best to take in breakfast in combination with a light meal. Every coin has two faces, juice is natural and full of minerals and anti- oxidants But taking juices alone will lead to submission of high sugar and insulin level in our body. Therefore, we need to take out few minutes for our health and eat light breakfast- sandwich, oats, sprouts, etc. accompanied with juice.

  1. Junk Food 

While going to the office, we usually try to fetch some foods that we find easily at stalls on the road-side, but we don’t have time to cook same at our home and eat healthy. Junk foods- burger, bun-tea, Patties, Rolls, etc. these items occasionally sounds good for health, but on frequent basis this not only accumulates fat around our belly but also affects our glowing skin and makes it look ‘Dull’.

  1. High Refined Flour

Rather than cooking healthy, we love to go for Waffles, Muffins, Pancakes, Doughnuts and Bagels, these are totally made of refined flour and this is not a good signal for your good health. One should try avoiding those high in calories, nil in fiber and protein and high in sugar food stuff, that so at Morning time. One study found that women who eat oats, sprouts with juice and milk have lost 3 times faster belly fat than those who ate muffins, burger, waffles, etc.

  1. Pre-mixed Oat or corn flakes Meal

When I say oats as best to take as for breakfast than it doesn’t mean that we need to take a mixed oat meal, it contains more sugar and when pre-mixed oatmeal is more processed which lose fiber in it. Therefore, we must buy plain oats and mix dry fruits and fresh fruits of own self, and this prepared meal contains required fiber.

Ladies If you really want your shape to be curved always then never-ever compromise and avoid first meal of your day, as it can lead to loss of energy, high sugar level and other cons. Take few minutes out of your morning and eat healthy full of fiber meal first and then perform other tasks. Live Healthy and Wealthy.

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