15 Daily Habits Of Women With Amazing Abs p3


11. They are doing planks rather than sit-ups.​

Planks are the preferred abs work out because they’re means more efficient for targeting your core than a sit-up that is classic are demonstrated to engage more of your stomach muscles.

12. They avoid salt.

Avoid sodium to avoid water retention. This is how you make your abs look their— that is best particularly when you’re planning on wearing a bikini to the beach.

13. They eat asparagus and cantaloupe.

Asparagus is a normal diuretic, which assists get rid of excess water or bloat, and cantaloupe is also a great flat-belly food.

14. They are doing cardiovascular.


There’s no chance to get around it if you want amazing abs. Cardio is key to keeping your six-pack looking solid. An alternative is to run four or five times a week, varying speed and strength to help keep your system guessing. On non-running days, choose a fun sport like indoor biking, swimming, or the machine that is elliptical remember to vary your exercise.

15. They snack constantly.

Rather than eating three meals that are heavy day, make sure to consume little snacks during the day – it keeps your kcalorie burning going.


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