Have you been exercising religiously, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthier. Whilst still being not seeing any big results? The inability to remove those stubborn pounds is because of a metabolism that is sluggish.

The metabolic process may be the process by which your mortal body burns off energy for the basic functions that are bodily the breathing, mind function, and heartbeat. The individuals with a metabolism that is fast like can consume whatever they want and still perhaps not put on pounds, while people with a slow calorie burning have to work much harder to get rid of or keep their fat.

Here are 11 of the biggest signs that could signal an issue that is metabolic.

Note: you ought to visit your physician to have your thyroid tested if you go through any of these.

1.You’re Constantly Tired

You will feel exhausted more frequently if your body burns energy at a slower rate.

2.You’ve Gained Extra Pounds

If you have a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out regularly, yet still packing on the pounds, it may be your slow metabolism. The biggest symptom of a metabolic issue is unexplained weight gain.

3.It Takes an Extra Effort for Losing Weight

A slow metabolism can make it super difficult to lose weight, besides it makes you gain weight. You won’t have results even if you’ve been eating healthy and exercising actively.

4.You Have Dry Skin

The cells aren’t as active as they should be, if your metabolism is slow, meaning they aren’t getting the suitable blood supply. Obviously, that can affect your skin, leaving it feeling cracked and dry.

5.You’re Losing Hair

The processes affecting the skin can also impact the hair. A metabolism issue can impact the hair’s ability to regenerate and grow.

6.You’re Constantly Cold

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is being always cold. That also slows down your metabolism. If you’re constantly cold, chances are your metabolism and thyroid as well, aren’t as active as they should be.

7.You’re Feeling Down

We saw that hypothyroidism slows down processes in your body, so don’t be surprised if your mood take a hit, as well and you start feeling down. Depression has been connected with a slow thyroid, therefore a slow metabolism.

8.You’re Forgetful

Too little thyroid hormone, regulating the metabolism, can lead to constant forgetting of things and cause a poor memory.

9.You Get Headaches Frequently

With an underactive thyroid, the thyroid hormones will be out of whack, and this may trigger headaches or, even worse, migraines.

10.You’ve Lost the Desire for Sex

The low levels of thyroid hormone might mean low levels of sex hormones as testosterone and that, obviously, may impact the ability to get in the mood.

11.You’re Following The Wrong Diet

Are you struggling with your weight loss goals? Feeling frustrated? The biggest mistake women make when trying to lose weight is over complicating things. Simplicity is the best option when it comes to shedding pounds which is why you need smart and easy-to-follow guidelines.

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