Why This Woman’s Floating Eyeliner Trick for Hooded Lids is Going Viral​

You already know just that the mainstream beauty globe doesn’t precisely appeal to you, which is absolutely ridiculous and unfair (I know; I’m one to talk—I have dual lids and am an element of the mainstream beauty world, but I see you, and we hear you) if you have hooded eyelids and monoliths,.

Therefore when a genius trick for lining hooded lids called eyeliner that is”floating popped up on Reddit’s beauty-obsessed community r/MakeupAddiction yesterday, it’s no surprise that the post immediately went viral.

The look ended up being posted by beauty flogger Francesca Tanmizi (@workingwithmonolids), who takes a approach that is interestingly simple making eyeliner pop on her hooded lids: Rather than lining her upper lash line (which would be hidden when she opened her eyes), she instead draws a thick, bold line in the middle of her lid, “floating” about a half-inch above her lash line.

Yes, the relative line seems a bit out of place when Tanmizi’s eyes are shut, but whenever she starts them, she’s left with a wing that rests completely above her lashes.

Instagram: @workingwithmonolids

It’s no surprise that the video is traction that is gaining Reddit right now—we mean. Just Google “how to do eyeliner on hooded eyes” to see the 6.6 million hits that prove this eyeliner trick is quite much needed and appreciated.

Of course, Tanmizi is not the human that is first ever try this with her lids—a fast YouTube search shows some similar-looking tutorials, but something with Tanmizi’s video clip apparently resonated with users, since it’s being inundated with support and gratitude. “This forced me to smile,” wrote one user. “Many thanks for appreciating your attention shape and makeup that is obviously making to help me appreciate mine.”

Whenever asked how she seems about having a line that is random in the exact middle of her lid—which would be visible whenever she blinks—Tanmizi responded with: “As an individual who is learning about this, I say certainly not. It looks a lot better than a massive field of blackness. That is what we otherwise are handed thanks to the attention shape that is natural.”

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“blackness” she actually is referring to is the commonly used trick of color to your complete eyelid that is hooded eyeliner to make it look as if you’ve lived in your eyes. “Floating it ultimately ends up just looking more like some sort of funky liner that is graphic and, based on how you apply eyeshadow, you may ensure that it is super understated,” she adds.

If you have struggled with finding makeup products tutorials for your attention shape, I would suggest giving Tanmizi’s hacks a try—and while you’re at it, check always our roundup away from eyeshadow tutorials made specifically for those with hooded and monoliths.

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