Weight Loss Supplements – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Losing weight is difficult, especially for women. A woman’s body has more fatty tissue than a man’s. Hormones and hormonal changes effect the way a woman loses weight as well. These facts lead to women seeking a little extra help when trying to lose weight.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change eating habits and live an active lifestyle. Changes in diet means more clean foods and decreasing the number of calories consumed. Living an active lifestyle means increasing physical activity, be it going to the gym or simply incorporating more walking into your day. Even cosmetic surgeries are useless if the patient goes back to those same poor habits that led to excess fat. The body will recreate the fat cells removed with liposuction, defeating the purpose of liposuction.

There are plenty of tempting diet pills and supplements on the market that claim drastic changes in a small amount of time. Which is tempting to a woman who wants to lose a few pounds before her vacation. The ones that state there is no need to diet or exercise to see the change are unhealthy. Period. Claims like these almost always are a result of depriving the body of something it needs. Deprivation leads to health complications that are sometimes more devastating than health problems associated with being overweight. Everything in moderation. Never resort to cutting important nutrients completely out in hopes of shedding pounds.

Losing at a rate any faster than 1 to 2 pounds per week is not good for your health and is probably not sustainable. The only way to keep the weight off is a lifestyle change. Beware of any supplement that claims weight loss results without the need for diet and exercise.

Changing your lifestyle is not easy. Supplements that help the process, like meal replacements, make it more bearable, leading to consistency. Meal replacements should contain vitamins that would be found in foods you would normally eat. Taking appetite suppressant are helpful when attempting to cut the caloric intake, as long as the calories come from eating healthy foods. Other supplements give a boost of energy to encourage exercise and meal prepping. All too often, the reason people do not exercise or prepare their own meals is because they don’t have the energy. Having more energy to become more active leads to weight loss.

Do not get discouraged if the process is slow. All women gain and lose weight differently and in different areas of the body. The goal is to become healthier. Focusing on an ideal weight can cause stress. Stress leads to weight gain. Making changes for a healthier lifestyle takes inches off of the waist and adds years of life.

Trying to lose weight is often times more challenging for women than it is for men. Losing weight requires changes in diet and increased activity. Taking supplements to help along the way is fine. Avoid diet pills that make claims of drastic weight lose. Focus on becoming healthier, not losing weight. A healthy lifestyle ultimately results in weight loss.

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