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Top 10 Alice Walker Books

Book Reviews: Fiction • Published: December 22, 2010

Alice Walker is one of the most well known female authors in the US. This daughter of southern sharecroppers has always been active in causes involving civil rights and women’s rights, but it is through her poetry and stories that she has been even more instrumental in opening the eyes and minds of people throughout the world. Here are the top 10 books that have been written by southern author, Alice Walker.

Top 5 Albert Einstein Quotes

Self Improvement: Inspirational • Published: December 22, 2010

Albert Einstein was a philosopher, theoretical physicist and one of the greatest intellectual minds of all time. Considered a genius by most it is surprising that he did not do well in school, in fact, he felt that the spirit of learning and creativity were smothered by the act of mere rote learning. If you would like to delve deeper into the mind of Albert Einstein here are five of his most memorable quotes and possible meanings.

Top 5 Alice Walker Quotes

Self Improvement: Inspirational • Published: December 21, 2010

Alice Walker is a contemporary writer and poet born in 1946. Her most widely known work was the acclaimed “The Color Purple” which won her the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Alice Walker was educated despite the odds against her in those days of separate and unequal facilities and the tendency to devalue all women but especially those of color.

Top 10 Anais Nin Works

Arts and Entertainment • Published: December 4, 2010

A controversial author of her times whose work was largely ignored at the time of publication, Anais Nin gained wide spread acceptance and acclaim in the 1960s when she garnered acceptance as one of the most prolific female writers who had dared to dabble in the elusive genre of female eroticism. Nin’s work primarily included her diaries that bespeak of a woman’s journey of self discovery through the various stages of her life. She penned down her experiences of over 30 years, from 1931 to 1974 in her memoirs which today serve as an inspiration for women across the…

What Did Albert Einstein Invent?

Reference and Education: Science • Published: November 30, 2010

Albert Einstein without question remains a significant part of history. Throughout the course of his lifetime, he contributed to several breakthroughs and inventions. Although many are documented, surely there are a few missed at some point. In any case, here is a review of some of the inventions notable to Albert Einstein’s life.

Top 5 Anais Nin Quotes

News and Society • Published: November 30, 2010

Anais Nin as born Angela Anais Juana Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell in February 1903, a French author that became famous for her journals that spanned 60 years, starting from the time she was 11. Anais Nin is also well known for her erotica. Anais was one of the first women to completely explore the realm of erotic writing and was the very first prominent woman in Europe to write erotica. Here are a few of the top Anais Nin quotes.

Top 10 High Achievers in Business

Business • Published: November 30, 2010

They are men and women from various cultures and from different backgrounds, some have an impressive academic record while others barely made it through high school; however, the one thing that is common is the sheer grit and determination of these people to achieve their dreams. Here is a look at the accomplishments of ten such extraordinary people.

Top 10 Famous Last Words

Arts and Entertainment • Published: September 28, 2010

Famous last words can be funny, inspirational, prophetic or simply memorable. These are the lines of dialogue that seem to click in your mind and they become part of your life experience.

Top 10 Childrens Books

Home and Family • Published: September 28, 2010

Reading to your children is an important part of their growth and development. As your kids grow they will want to read books on their own, but you can still share the stories and adventures with them by discussing what they have read. Knowing which books are highly recommended for younger readers will help you and your child choose from among the many selections that are available.

7 Farewell Gift Ideas

Shopping and Product Reviews: Gifts • Published: September 28, 2010

Buying farewell gifts can be a challenge as you will want it to have meaning and remind the person of you after they have gone. You will need to find a gift that is unique, amazing and affordable and there are many different options for you to choose from. You can find farewell gifts in many different stores or online.

Top 5 Farewell Quotes

Reference and Education • Published: September 24, 2010

Goodbyes and farewells are something that no one ever wants to face. Regardless of whether it’s a friendship or close romantic relationship, it’s never easy. Sometimes, when it’s time to say goodbye, there is no other choice.

Top 10 Disney Movies

Arts and Entertainment: Movies TV • Published: September 24, 2010

Over the years, Disney has produced some of the most memorable movies. They have taught us about finding the truth inside of our hearts, and given us the strength to make it through the hard times. With characters cut from real life, we’ll take a moment to look at the top 10 Disney movies.

Top 10 Disney Characters

Arts and Entertainment: Movies TV • Published: September 24, 2010

Over the years there have been many Disney characters that have made us laugh and cry. Disney is well known for a number of different staples, and selecting the list of the ten best can be difficult. Whether you agree or disagree the following characters have stolen hearts for a long time, and are among the best animated characters of all time.

20 Famous Actors

Arts and Entertainment • Published: August 31, 2010

I love TV and Movies and I love the stars that make this industry. The following is a list of some of the famous actors that entertain us or have come before us and entertained past generations. They have left some sort of mark on us in terms of entertaining us.

Top 10 Women in Sports

Recreation and Sports • Published: August 30, 2010

Sports have been instrumental in advancing the limits of human performance. Men have traditionally been at the forefront of this challenge, but women have stepped up their involvement which broadened sports’ appeal and opened up a new competitive front.

10 Funny Sports

Recreation and Sports • Published: August 30, 2010

Human beings have been taking part in sports for centuries. Whereas many sports attract a following because of the competition, the excitement and the thrill they have, there are a number that draw crowds because of their eccentric or out of the ordinary nature. Sometimes, such sports being odd is not deliberate but circumstantial because of the differences between cultures.

10 Dating Tips For Men

Relationships: Dating • Published: August 30, 2010

Dating can be rather intimidating, if not difficult to say the least, particularly for men who lack experience and have no idea what to do or how to act. What’s sad is that most men are a great catch. However, they lack the know-how when it comes to the dating game, and can somehow never seem to maintain a woman’s interest.

10 Dating Tips For Women

Relationships: Dating • Published: August 30, 2010

Dating is meant to be fun, not stressful. If you’ve been dating for a while, then you probably think you know it all. You’ve had your share of heartbreak and have probably even broken a few hearts yourself. But no matter how long you’ve been dating, you could always use some tips to make the experience better.

5 Famous Quotes About Life

Self Improvement: Inspirational • Published: August 23, 2010

Most people have heard them, and you’ve even probably used a couple of them yourself. People use them as their statuses on social web pages as well as wear t-shirts and drink out of coffee mugs that display them. Quotes about life are some of the most popular and well-liked pieces of literature known to man. People can relate to quotes about life because they have real meaning.

5 Funny Quotes About Life

Self Improvement • Published: August 23, 2010

The fact is that life is what you make of it. If you view life in a certain way, that is the way you perceive it. Throughout the course of your life, you’re going to come across some funny circumstances and some funny quotes. One thing you’ll find is that although funny, these quotes about life are true, and some of them might even make you think!

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