This Stamp Eyeliner Is The Coolest, Least-Gimmicky Thing I’ve Ever Tried

A beauty editor, I get a lot of stuff delivered to me on a basis that is daily this is not a brag, despite the fact that, like, it’s really freaking awesome). Any product or gadget that even slightly relates to beauty will inevitably find yourself on my desk, this means we also encounter my reasonable share of weird, crazy, gimmick-y, eye-roll-inducing material.


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So when a Lottie London Stamp Wing Liner pen landed on my desk and started to produce the perfect winged eyeliner with zero hassle also I was hella skeptical if you’re a total newbie all thanks to a small triangular stamp on a single end. I mean, gimmick central, right? However, it was tried by me personally.

And holy hell—this line is clearly freaking brilliant. As someone that has worn a cat-eye that is profuse the better part of my 20s, I’m incredibly picky about my fluid liners. The formula needs to be a rich, opaque, velvet-y black—none of the watery, sheer, shiny nonsense–and the pen itself needs a tip that is versatile does not skip, drag, or tug. And, for the love of god, the ink does not bleed or smudge until the end of the afternoon.

Yes, I am high-liner-maintenance. But despite my highest, most insurmountable standards, this liner that is newfangled of every one of my boxes. On one end of the dual-sided pen is a narrow, triangular stamp, and the other end is a felt tip that is pointed. Just press the stamp on the exterior edge of your eye to produce a wing. Then use the tip that is pointed trace your lash line and link it.

Step 1: Stamp. Step 2: Line. Step 3: Model.

It worked flawlessly the full-time that is first tried it—no trial and error. No “getting the hang of it.” If you’re like, “sure, you’re a beauty editor. How will I, girl who only uses Chapstick, see what you can place it?!,” try this: Imagine there’s a straight line from the exterior corner of your eye to the tail end of your brow, then just press the stamp along that line that is imaginary.

Still, to be sure we didn’t have a beauty-editor edge (I do best makeup for an income), I gave the line to two of my co-workers that are non-liner-wearing who assured me personally they would. “definitely f*cue it up.” They returned the day that is next converted (and with amazing looking eye-makeup). It’s honestly just that easy.

The downside that is this line, though, is that it’s not at all waterproof. So if you’re about to have a cry that is imposing a thunderstorm today, maybe decide for your apocalypse-proof makeup instead. But for everyday use? Perfectly exceptional. To have one of your own, you can pop by an Ulta shop (they’re sadly not offered on, or you can get one of Riley Rose for the low, low price of $7.50. Pleased lining, friends.

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