Remove Back and Belly Fat With This Simple Yet Effective Exercise

This workout targets the following muscles:

  • Teres major: Helps rotate the upper arm in towards the body or bring the arm in when they are out in a “T” shape
  • Teres minor: It rotates the upper arm away from the body and helps assist the Teres major in bringing the arm in towards the body
  • Latissimus dorsi: It is responsible for rotating, extending, and adducting the arms along wih the Teres major and minor.

Workout to Blast Back Fat

These muscles are very important for improving your posture. Strengthening those muscles will help you to stay straight and tall.

Best Back Fat Exercises

To strengthen these muscles, add the following exercises in your workout routine two or three times per weekly. Do 15 reps of each and complete three to four sets per workout.

1. Dumbbell Pullovers

Lie on a ball or on a bench, holding a heavier dumbbell. Keep the head and shoulders ON the ball. Lift the dumbbell up to the ceiling, holding it by the ends. Extend the arms overhead and back behind you, engaging the abdominal muscles. Don’t arch the overhead or the back behind you. Pull the weight back up by using the back of the shoulders.

2. Resistance Band Pulls

Grip the tubing of a resistance band so that your arms are shoulder width apart. Relax the shoulders down the back and bring the arms to their height. Start by squeezing the shoulder blades as you pull the arms out to the side. Bring the arms back to the original position.

3. Dolphin Push-Ups

Begin in a plank position on the elbows, because of the palms flat on the pad and the forearms parallel every single other. Keep the shoulders on the elbows and the abs tightened. Engage the abdominals to up lift the hips and switch the shoulders back, and lower the heels to the ground.  Shift the extra weight in to the plank position utilizing the shoulders and the abs.

4. Rear Delt Flys

Start with standing with all the feet hip-distance apart and dumbbells that are holding the palms facing in towards each other. Keep the bag directly and lower the part that is top of body making sure that it is parallel to the ground. Rotate the arms so that the palms are facing in, bend the elbows, and keep the arms rounded while squeezing the shoulder blades together to carry the arms out towards the sides. Keep the shoulders and the neck relaxed while increasing the arms.

5. Wide Rows

Start from a bend-over position, keep the back straight, and bring the arms down with the palms facing towards you this time.  Involve the upper back muscles and lead with the elbows as you pull the weight into a wide row, with 90-degree bent elbows.

6. Narrow Rows

This workout is nearly the same as the row that is wide so start in similar bend-over position with the back straight.  Turn the palms on and finish a row, keeping the hands close in by the general sides while bringing the loads up by the shoulders. Keep carefully the neck calm and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Lower down and relax, keeping the abs engaged and the relative back straight.

Additional Tips:

In addition to doing the exercises above, the things below are also an important contributing fact to getting rid of the pesky muffin top:

  • Perform 60-minute cardio sessions 5 times a week
  • Practice yoga
  • Eat smarter

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