Peanuts During Pregnancy – Advice to Follow

Ask any parent who has a child with a nut allergy and they will tell you how hard it makes life for all the rest of the family too. Your grocery shopping takes hours as you have to scrutinize every label to ensure it is safe for your child to eat.

Although peanut allergies are very common, they can also prove fatal as they are one of the worst allergies a child can suffer from. There are some kids whose sensitivity is so high that if there is a trace of peanut on another person’s skin they can fall dangerously ill.

A full blown allergy to peanuts is not usually diagnosed until the child is a toddler of 2, or maybe 3. If there is a history of peanuts allergy’s in the family, don’t give your child anything containing even a trace until they are at least this age.

Some doctors even tell their pregnant patients not to eat any peanuts while in their last 3 months; regardless of a history of allergy’s or not.

This is because many experts believe that a trace amount of the peanut protein can go through the placenta to the baby at this late stage. A recent study has also revealed that of a woman does eat peanuts or any subsidiary product, their unborn child is up to 4 times more likely to develop the allergy.

What this doesn’t mean however, is that if there is no history of any kind of peanut allergy in your family you should stop eating them altogether. Peanuts and their by products can actually benefit both of you.

Please remember that there have been times when women with no histories of allergies have freely eaten peanuts throughout their pregnancy, only for their children to then develop the allergy.

In light of this information, hopefully you’ll follow this valuable advice when it comes to your own pregnancy. As they say, it’s always better to be safe.

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