How To Be An Alpha Male

One of the most important parts of being an alpha male is your look. I will start this off by saying that men are much more visually stimulated than women are. That is good news, that means even us ugly guys can have gorgeous girlfriends. With that said though there is still power in how you look. Not only is there power in how you look, but how you look determines how you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is the main determining factor of how successful you will be with the opposite sex.

Tonight I finished the INSANITY workout. This workout is 60 days of pure cardio hell. Some people like working out. I for one prefer eating potato chips and playing on the internet. This has been a real lifestyle change for me. To make it through I couldn’t count on past successes, I have never completed a program like this before.

Instead I followed these simple rules and I made it through. I made working out a priority that I performed at the same time each day. I had a good support group of people to tell me to keep going. These people were a huge help on those days that I just wanted to quit. I didn’t beat up on myself when I had to miss a day. During my 60 days I had to miss two because life simply wouldn’t allow me to workout. I made up for this by adding two days to the end. Don’t get discouraged, just keep going!

When you workout women will take notice. There have been several occasions over the past two weeks in which females have complimented my new look. Not only that, but I feel great. Physically I am stronger and more flexible. Emotionally I feel like I am on top of the world. That is a huge key to being that alpha male status we all want.

So are you planning to get in better shape? Don’t wait till January so you can fail with the rest of those people. Find a program and stick with it. Get started today. If you want to be strong, fit, and at the top of your game sacrifice a little.

Sacrificing is never easy, but if your goal is to meet the most gorgeous women in the world don’t you think it is worth it. I am going to take a chance with you and offer you a 7 day e-course on my Master Seduction Principles []. Normally I value this course at $97, but for you I will give it to you free, just use it!


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