How to avoid split ends hair

Check out the basic care that you must take to avoid the appearance of paired ends in your hair.

Long hair requires some care to always stay healthy and beautiful. And one of the major problems afflicting many women is the split ends. Exposure to the sun, buddies, chemical treatments, hair dryer, anyway, there are many factors that favor the appearance of the fragmented ends of hair.

To prevent these attacks of the day destroy the protein “seal” the threads of our hair, it is necessary in order to follow some tips.16 SMALL CHANGES TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE FOR FASTER WEIGHT LOSS P1


Learn how to avoid split ends hair

When the protein “seal” the threads of our hair is destroyed, causing the opening of the scale in the cuticle capital, causing split ends. To avoid this, the best remedy is prevention. This reduces the use of a hair dryer and squats. Avoid arrest hair while wet and prevent the use of clips and rubber bands.

For you using dyes, progressive brush and other chemical treatments, look for a professional competent to make treatment to reconstruct the mass hair and prevent hair being dried and split ends.

But, if your hair with split ends, the best solution is tantamount to cut them off. However, not every woman’s struggle to cut the hair, as if only the tips. In these cases, there are some products that help to disguise the port pair, as the repairers and silicone conditioning without rinsing.

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