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High Top Boxing Shoes by Everlast – Michelin Hydrolast Lockdowns

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: May 11, 2010

For men who are serious about their boxing workouts, the Everlast Michelin Hydrolast Lockdown High Top Boxing Shoes are a must to have. Not only do these shoes come equipped with all of the features that Everlast is famous for supplying, but they use the new tire tread technology of Michelin Hydrolast.

Punching Bags – A Review

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 27, 2010

Punching bags are objects that are sturdy and designed to be repeatedly punched or kicked. Their uses include stress relief, physical exercise, improving aerobic fitness, punching techniques, and physical strength.

Women’s Boxing Shoes

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 23, 2010

Just because some women enjoy the sport of boxing does not mean that they have to wear non-stylish boxing shoes. Once women entered the world of boxing, many manufacturers of boxing equipment and accessories jumped on the bandwagon and started to design and create shoes that would appeal to female boxers.

Low Top Boxing Shoes Vs High Top Boxing Shoes

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 22, 2010

Something to consider when shopping for boxing shoes that will fit you best is whether they are low tops or high tops. There are few differences between the two but only you will be able to tell which ones will work out best for you and your game.

High Top Boxing Shoes – A Few Benefits

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 20, 2010

As all kick boxers will know, high top boxing shoes are a MUST when it comes to preparing for a kick boxing workout or event. Kick boxing is a sport that needs lots of support in the ankles and legs.

Choosing the Best Boxing Shoes For You

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 9, 2010

Boxing shoes MUST be a perfect fit to the boxer who is wearing them. Otherwise, he will only end up with aching feet, shoes that slip…

Boxing Shoes – What a Buyer Should Look For

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: April 7, 2010

The most essential thing you want to find when shopping for boxing shoes is comfort. Consider all of the dancing and jumping about that comes along…

Boxing Shoes – The Importance of Ventilation

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 31, 2010

There are many attributes that boxing shoes need to have in order to make sure the person wearing them is able to be confident and comfortable when wearing them during a workout or boxing session. These include such things as being light weight, proper support, and non-slip soles.

Punching Bags As a Family Activity

Health and Fitness: Fitness Equipment • Published: March 29, 2010

Punching bags can provide a fun filled family activity. Before you start to protest that this is not a safe and playful type of fun, consider the Inflatable Punching Tower.

Boxing Shoes – Some Things to Consider Before Buying

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 24, 2010

While boxing shoes are quite similar to running shoes, there are some very important differences. One of the most noticeable differences is the lack of support on the bottom of the shoes.

Boxing Shoes – Some Prerequisites

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 23, 2010

When you decide that you are ready to start the sport of boxing or simply want to add it as a part of your workout routine, one of the first things you are going to need to make this a successful venture, is the proper pair of boxing shoes. This may sound a lot easier than it actually is. In order to make sure you have everything you need in this type of shoe, it will be quite helpful if someone knowledgeable accompanies you on your buying trip.

Everlast Reflex Punching Bags

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 22, 2010

One of the best Everlast punching bags available to help you with your speed and timing is the reflex bag. This fantastic bag will allow you to focus on speed and timing, and help you with your instinctive reflex to avoid being hit.

Boxing Shoes – An Overview

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 22, 2010

Something that all serious boxers need to achieve the proper footwork that is needed is quality boxing shoes. Whether you can move as fast as lightning.

Everlast Punching Bags – The Uppercut Bag

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 19, 2010

There are plenty of different Everlast punching bags available, and they all have a different take on the strengths that are needed to be a strong professional boxer. One of these bags is called the uppercut bag.

Everlast Punching Bags – The Speed Bag

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 18, 2010

If you are a boxer, then you will know the need for, not only speed, but accuracy in your training routine. The Everlast Punching Bags that..

Boxing Shoes – The New Workout Shoes

Health and Fitness: Exercise • Published: March 16, 2010

For many people who are heavily committed to staying in shape through diet and exercise, boxing shoes have become the new workout shoes. When you look…

Boxing Shoes – Materials and Colors

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 15, 2010

If you are interested in entering the boxing world or just beginning to use boxing as a way to enhance your workout routine, boxing shoes will be one of the most important items you will purchase. While some people are not stuck on the necessity of style and looking pretty, others will find that it will play a huge part in what sort of outfits and shoes they purchase to workout in.

Boxing Shoes For the Masses

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 12, 2010

Getting the perfect pair of boxing shoes is vital for anyone who participates in the sport or uses boxing as a part of a workout routine. When bought for those reasons, there must plenty of traction on the bottom, such as rubber soles or non-slip patterns, as well as being made from a light weight material like soft leather or suede.

Everlast Punching Bag Deals – A Knockout to the Competition

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 10, 2010

Everlast has been around for quite a while. The company was founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb.

Boxing Shoes Are a Vital Part of Success

Recreation and Sports: Boxing • Published: March 9, 2010

Anyone who is involved or interested in the boxing world already understands how vital having the perfect boxing shoes is to the success of a boxer. There are many accessories and aids for boxing like boxing gloves, hand wraps and other gear designed to protect.

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