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5 Easy Steps To Deal With Anxiety

Do you get the feeling that you might spontaneously combust or puke yourself dry in situations that just can’t get any worse? Or when you’re in a social gathering and you become this giant mass of uncontrollable sweating and discomfort? Anxiety can get the best of us even in the best situations and although there is no cure for this anxiousness that leaves your heart restless and pounding relentlessly, there are ways we can possibly calm ourselves down, so we don’t go completely insane!maxresdefault-1-e1472379161469-780x380

Here are a few steps to deal with anxiety and stay calm:

1. Rebellious result of woman breathingDon’t worry, it’s easier than most people would like to think. Breathing is the first phase to calming down the body and subdues the fight-or-flight response triggered by the nervous system. You’ve been breathing this far. Don’t stop now. Fill your lungs with the oxygen it needs and the rest will go to take care of itself.

2. Focus on what’s in front of youImage result for stressed woman in officeThis may seem like the hardest thing to be done, especially when anxiety has its claws on you. But focussing on now is a lot more beneficial than worrying yourself over the future. Said that he took it one day at a time. The future is a bridge you will cross once you get there. And worrying about tomorrow instead of today won’t get you there! Realize that anxiety is playing its tricks on you to keep you stressed and panicked, so don’t let it get to you.

3. Accept itImage consequence for stressed woman in officeRealizing and coming to terms with your anxiety is one of the best ways of dealing with it. Anxiety is a feeling no different from any other feeling and regardless of the fact that it isn’t something you wanted, doesn’t mean it’s something that can’t be controlled. Understanding your anxiety could possibly be the best way of dealing with, and maybe even subduing it completely.

4. Talk to your brain – positively!Image result for woman positivePositive conversation with yourself might ease the constant alarms in your body and calm the nerves down. As crazy, as it sounds, positive self-conversation is key to reducing the anxiousness in your body and allows you to motivate your brain to fight the flight-or-fright response triggered by the anxiety-stimulating event. Plus, you need to talk to yourself nicely every once in a while.

5. Take a nap!Image result for woman sleepingOne of the best ways to relax the body is sleep. So, if the going gets tough. Take a nap! Sleeping not only allows the nervous system to calm itself down. But gives you the rejuvenation you need to battle the daily obstacles that are life. This isn’t escaping. This is giving yourself a break!

Anxiety is something we’ve all come to experience in our life. And is something that is difficult to control and subdue. Worrying happens to be a common habit we’ve all noticed ourselves practicing, but that doesn’t make it a terrible thing. Learning to cope with anxiety will only prove advantageous if you start accepting it. You don’t have to like it, but pushing it away won’t help! Learning to cope with it might not subdue it, but know that it is always something you can control!

Author : Ramya Gopal

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