100% Effective Method for Losing Weight

Obesity can be a serious problem and some countries have a bigger obese population than others. Obesity rate is the highest in USA. On the other hand, the process of losing extra weight is very difficult and challenging.

Therefore, in this article we will reveal some tricks that will help you to lose weight easily.

First, you have to buy yourself comfortable shoes. This might sound wierd, but experts are advising everyone who wants lose weight to buy shoes that are ½ size bigger than the usual shoes that person wears.

Second, you should make some weight loss plan, but make sure you have consulted with your doctor before you start this plan.
Chest pain and pain that goes down on the arm or neck are common signs of fatigue and exhaustion and that is why you should always pay attention to what sings your body is sending you. If you cannot start at the beginning easily do not be disappointed, every new beginning is hard.

Third, you should push yourself, but don’t go over the limits because that way you can cause even bigger problem. For example if you only can walk for 10 minutes at the beginning, you shouldn’t push yourself with running – just walk for those 10 minutes and slowly increase the walking time until you are able to run.

Fourth, make sure you track your progress because that way you can see how far you have come and that will keep you motivated. And you do not have to write down every detail, just for example write down how long you walked and how much you should have walked.

Last and the most important thing, is to have fun while you are walking or running. Listen music during your training and just relax.

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