We all seem to think that nutritionists and health experts follow a strict diet at all times which has to do with clean and organic eating. Green juices, colorful salads and mixed fruit bowls are what comprises most of their meals, that’s true, but every once in a while, they too, like most humans, have cravings they just can’t fight. The urge to have something sinful hits them and they have to give in.

We researched the top 10 guilty pleasures many of our favorite health buffs indulge themselves in and came up with a list for you to enjoy. Read on and see how human they are for yourselves.

1.A Bag Of Chips
Many share this weakness. The crunchy, salty goodness of chips can’t be compared to any other. Have it with a whole lot of friends or while watching a movie, on its own or with a yummy dip – chips are simply the comfort food that is better you can ever have.
A strategy that is great be to have the smaller, specific packets around. Opening a bag that is big you to eat more of it. You feel the pressure of the need to finish so that it doesn’t head to waste. Also, if you are just wanting for the crunch effect, try carrot or celery sticks with a dip that is yoghurt.

Yes, we’ve all heard of this detrimental effects of soda to your body. You’ve got bone health issues, obesity and several more. But there is one thing about starting a bottle of Coca-Cola while enjoying a meal that is rich the flavours just go so well with each other. Thirst-quencher indeed!

Every on occasion our diet experts have the urge to have a drink that is small of two. A tip they will have to be to savor it when you crave because of it but limit your portions. That fights the feeling of deprivation and satisfies the craving as well. A taste was got by you from it. That has to be enough.

Who can resist?!

Cheese is a product found in most of our favorite dishes. Spaghetti with some parmesan, pizza with mozzarella and tacos with cheddar – it’s just too hard to avoid. Pair it up with a glass of wine and crackers, the slightly salty and creamy goodness of cheese is one of the best indulgences, according to our nutritionists. The key is to have it in small amounts – spread a little of it over your food or slice it up thinly. Then, you get to enjoy it without worrying about its effects too much.

4.Dark Chocolate Plus, Plus, Plus

chocolate is advantageous to you. Then flavours it can actually help you lose weight and reduce the strain in the human body in case your dessert has at least 70% cocoa content. However, many being coming out in the market have extra ingredients that might not be so beneficial, like the chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt which can be a favorite that is personal of our diet experts. Then conserve the remainder for your next craving if you truly must, have one or 2 pieces of it.

5.Candy, Candy and much more Candy
Yes, enamel that is sweet sometimes be pleased by having a big bowl of fruit or a good and healthy smoothie filled with nutrients; but even our dietitians agree that we all crave for the chewy, gummy goodness of our favorite candies. Yes, they are incredibly awful – packed with sugar along with other chemicals being harmful but they taste so good. Strategies by buying only the amount that is right. Have actually enjoyable with the colors to make it more enjoyable and then stop when you’re finished with the book. No round 2’s.

6.Fried Finger Food
Whether their hot wings, crispy chips, onion rings, calamari or fish sticks – deep fried, finger food are the best beer match around. The sad part is you can’t have them without the right dip thus packing on your calorie count intake. A good idea would be to have them for sharing. That limits the amount of your intake and it makes you appreciate the meal more as well. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite finger foods, just enjoy them with friends.


If you really think about it, popcorn in itself is a healthy snack of choice. The old-style way of making it would be to cook the kernels over the stove and wait for it to all pop-up filling the pot to the brim. You get to control the amount of salt, butter and other ingredients (and whether you even add them or not) you add into the mix. The trend nowadays is to buy the microwavable kind which already contains the ingredients and some harmful preservatives as well.

What do you think our health-conscious peeps advise? Go old-school and cook up your own popcorn. Relish it’s yumminess while controlling its contents.

They can be baking in the oven or cooking over a pot – the smell of chocolate can remind anyone of their childhood and home, says one of our professionals

Chewy, chunky cookies or a good old cup with marshmallows – chocolate is the most comforting indulgence there is. You can have it at any season and you’ll still enjoy it. Best advice – take it occasionally and then drink tons of water throughout the day.

Have a glass of it with your dinner and a couple more after that to end your night well.

Wine is actually known to be good for the heart and even aides in lowering cholesterol in the body; however, we can’t deny the calories it adds to our diet. Also, once you start you can’t stop. It’s hard to control our intake especially when having fun. Our nutritionists think so as well.

10.Bubble Gum
We all can’t stop chewing our favorite childhood treat. The sweet, fruity flavor is to die for and the aroma it brings can liven up your day. Not that it’s healthy, but many try the sugar free version to cut their sugar intake. It is also helpful when you’re feeling hungry. Chewing on it can satisfy the hunger pangs for a while.

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